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Project Halcyon – Halcyon Racing Technologies


Phase 1 is the building of small scale remote control or RC
 magnetic levitation ships which use some of the same technology used in many of the Hyperloop competition pods as well as some of our own proprietary software and hardware. In this phase we are able to get an understanding of some of the fundamental principles behind maglev racing. Things like engine mounts, track systems and software are being developed for the public in order to collect data on what works and what doesn’t. It is our belief that through selling this product to the public and collecting their feedback will we be able to make advancements in the technology. As of right now Phase 1 is almost complete. Ship hardware including chassises, motor mounts and engine actuation have been designed and built. Now we have moved on to flight control software testing as well as track design in order for this phase to be complete. When finished we will be ready for limited manufacturing and distribution to the public.


After data has started to be collected on Phase 1 it will be time to start Phase 2. In Phase 2 HRT will start constructing larger versions of the RC ships. These ships will be roughly the size of a GoKart and be able to carry the average person. These large scaled versions of the ships will be built on the knowledge gained through manufacturing of the RC ships, testing new ideas on physical controls as well as transporting a person safely at great speeds. Along with the defining characteristics of the ship itself we will look into large scale construction of the track systems. This again relying on insight gained from Phase 1. The goal of Phase 2 is to be able to safely transport a person, see what controls need to be put into place for the person to control the ship as well as gain data in order to move on to the next phase.


Phase 3 is the final stage in Project Halcyon and is a culmination of  all the data from previous phases to produce full size racing ships that will go on as the test bed for the future of the Hyperloop. At this scale these ships will test advances in fuselage design and aero dynamics, flight controls and communication systems as well as track construction techniques and sustainability practices. It is our goal to truly start blazing a trail in manufacturing, performance and safety in regards to Hyperloop technology the same way F1 and NASCAR did for the automotive industry. At HRT we believe that through the spirit of competition and collective engagement with the public, rapid progress can be made and we can take the next evolutionary step in not only racing but transportation.